Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pirate Cake

One of the hottest drinks to hit the night clubs in my life time is Captain Morgan.  Morgan and Coke, may I have another!  This one, is a free hand Jolly Roger... Arrrggghhh!  Got a little Captain in you?  My wife teaches a group of ladies tennis, and as they were all at Outback celebrating, I marched in with a desert!  Right on Queue!  I did the Pirate mark free hand.

  1. Baked a Standard 9X13 
  2. Applied chocolate icing to cake 
  3. Used  butter-cream icing (white) 
  4. Free handed the Jolly Roger (Pirate) outline
  5. Filled in with Star Tip
  6. Border with Star/Shell Tip
  • Betty Crocker Cake