Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bow Hunting Ken Barbie Cake

My My My, how the tables have turned!  It was my birthday on June 7.  One of our friends made me a cake that was really cool.  Most of you that have been following the blog, have seen that I went through a barbie doll phase.  Most of you who know me also know that I just recently started bow hunting.  What a great idea... Bow hunting, Barbie and cake!  Pictured in this cake is Ken, the most famous hunter of all time :) ....  When I am over 35, maybe I will stop playing with Barbie!
  1. Baked 2 Standard 9X13 cakes
  2. Applied white icing to cake and layer it
  3. Ask Husband to get some sticks from the yard
  4. Make bow/arrow and target
  5. Border with a star/shell tip
  6. Garnish with Ken!
  • Betty Crocker Cake