Sunday, May 16, 2010

Halloween Cake

We went to a tennis mixer at Bentwood Country Club.  I got volunteered to make a cake.  Since it was for Halloween, there were no shortages of Candy Corn.  That's a coffin if you can't tell.  I lined it with marshmallows for pillows.

This is a BIG cake.
  1. Used 2 Standard 9 X 13 cake pans  
  2. Took one of the cakes and cut the middle out of it
  3. Stacked the cakes
  4. Applied Chocolate Icing to everything (the more the better)
  5. Bordered with Candy Corn.
  6. Top with a cool skeleton from the Halloween store

  • Betty Crocker and/or Red Velvet Cake ( for the 'coffin' look )

Mud Wrestling Barbie Cake

Barbie dolls were on special!  I made this for one of my wife's friends, Kristi.  This was one of the first cakes I made when I moved to San Angelo.  This came out as more of a 'dare' than anything.  My goal was to make a cake, be the coolest dude ever, and still be on-time for the party!  This cake was fast and funny!

Short and sweet!  This is a basic chocolate cake, with chocolate icing.  I used birthday candles and dental floss to make the ring.  Finished with 2 barbies.  The legs were cut for animation.  You can cut the clothes, and put icing all over them.  If anyone has played mud volleyball... you know there isn't a piece of skin that isn't covered!

  • Betty Crocker Cake Mix

Bath Tub Barbie Cake

Everyone knows about the "Honey Do List".  My wife constantly tells me that she wants a Jacuzzi bath tub.  So, for her birthday, I got her the jacuzzi bathtub of her dreams!  I really don't know why, but for a few months, I was on a Barbie Doll kick.    

This is a really big cake.  Because I am using the Standard 9 X 13 Cake Pan, the only way I could do this was by making 2 cakes.

  1. Baked Both Cakes
  2. Cut the Center out of one of the cakes
  3. Applied blue icing layer to the top of the whole cake
  4. Put the piece with the center cut out on top
  5. Applied Icing to the whole thing (white)
  6. Put the faucet fixtures in
I used a combination of big and small marshmallows.  I tooth-picked everything together, then used a 'Sharpie' to put Hot and Cold (H & C).  Probably don't want to eat the marshmallows :) .

  • Betty Crocker Cake

4L Cake

My wife's grandfather was turning 80.  If you met him, you might think he was much younger.  He is an old time West Texas cattle rancher and  anyone who has met Wade has had the pleasure of hearing one of his great stories.  He is sure to make you laugh and keep you entertained.  He wrote a book Swapping Cattle, just for fun.  I call it Wade's Greatest Hits.  If you ever have the pleasure of meeting him, he is sure to give you a signed copy.  What inspired me to me a bake cake for Wade, is 1) he eats everything, and 2) he thought I was good enough for his granddaughter.  My cakes are no competition for Martha's Rum Cake, but it's not a competition.  I modeled the cake after 4L, which IS West Texas.

This can be done with a standard 9 X 13 cake pan.  As this was one of my first cakes, I broke my cardinal rule, try to use all the cake.  As you can tell, I had to cut out the shape.  This was not hard to do, but icing the base layer get's a little crumby.  You may want to put a crumb coat to make the icing come out a little prettier.

  • Betty Crocker Cake

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cake Pans

Get started with a couple of simple shapes.  I do all of mine from standard shapes.


Cheap Cake Decorating Tip Set

When selecting a cake decorating tip set, you can spend a lot of money.  I wouldn't overdo it, especially if this is your first set.