Sunday, May 16, 2010

Halloween Cake

We went to a tennis mixer at Bentwood Country Club.  I got volunteered to make a cake.  Since it was for Halloween, there were no shortages of Candy Corn.  That's a coffin if you can't tell.  I lined it with marshmallows for pillows.

This is a BIG cake.
  1. Used 2 Standard 9 X 13 cake pans  
  2. Took one of the cakes and cut the middle out of it
  3. Stacked the cakes
  4. Applied Chocolate Icing to everything (the more the better)
  5. Bordered with Candy Corn.
  6. Top with a cool skeleton from the Halloween store

  • Betty Crocker and/or Red Velvet Cake ( for the 'coffin' look )

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