Friday, June 4, 2010

Lonestar Beer Cake

I moved to West Texas about 3 years ago.  Since I have always been a fan of  'cheap' beer, I absolutely LOVE Lonestar Beer!  One of our friends turned me on to Lonestar and we drink it often on the weekends.  In order to understand the cake, you have to understand the beer.  As you open each beer, there is a puzzle to figure out on the back of each bottle-cap.  The puzzles are a combination of pictures and word partials to keep any bar conversation interesting.

The puzzle on the top is 'Happy Birthday'.  The 'birth' part of the puzzle resembles 'giving birth' to a picture of our friend!

  1. Baked a Standard 9X13 
  2. Applied chocolate icing to cake  
  3. Make your traditional buttercream icing
    1. Split to a couple of bowls so you can mix colors
    2. I used Yellow, Blue, and white 
  4. Create the Lonestar Beer Logo (copy picture from 12 pack cardboard)
    1. Note:  You can go to a beer store and take a picture with your cell phone.
  5. Filled in with Star Tip
  6. Border with Star/Shell Tip 
  7. Create each of the puzzle gizmos accordingly
  8. Cut the Barbie Doll Legs and apply in the child birthing position
  9. Put a picture of your friend
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