Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tile is Set!

We had an long day ( and night ) of Tiling.  We got all the tile set and ready for grout this week.  I can almost taste the food!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Granite Action Photo

Action Granite Photo:

This is a picture while the sink is on the CNC machine. 

This shows the 'Dog Bone' look of bar.  You can see bar
on one side, counter top on the other.

This shows the open look of the kitchen.

Looking at the sink and dishwasher to be cutouts.

Another look at the bar, shows the elegant 2 inch curve.  Bottoms up, can't wait to have a beer on this baby!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Updates on the House

Everyone has been asking about status on the house.  We are making GREAT progress, we are having fun, and we are still married!  You wouldn't believe it if I told you we have been working on this over 6 weeks.  Between working and working on the house... it has made for some long days.  With all the effort, we are finally putting stuff back together, and we can see progress, but it was slow moving there... Naturally, there will ALWAYS be stuff to do, but man it's easier to get stuff done before you live in it..

By Room:

  • Guest bathroom.
    • paint
    • tile
    • sink
    • hardware

  • Second master bedroom (his/hers .. that's mine ) 
    • paint
    • paint
    • more paint, this is a big room
    • taupe, brown? latte!

  • Master bedroom
  • Laundry Room

 Master Bath ( Just waiting on Toppers and Sinks )

 Some kind of blue color, because I am such an avid swimmer...

 New tile around the shower.. Super sick!

 New Tile on floor... Check out the diagonal pattern.. yea baby!  It's cleaned up now!

Major Milestones:
  • Ceilings scraped
  • ~50 wood window coverings painted
  • Mantle stained
  • Doors all painted
  • Hardware replaced

Kitchen Remodel:

This is the 'biggy'... Everyone that is helping is doing a GREAT job, and we are thoroughly pleased.  Our plan is to paint like crazy this week, and get ready for the Toppers next week.  After next week, we will be tiling.  Based on the last room we tiled, we are looking at a LONG weekend.  Then we are putting in appliances... and doing backsplash/ finish work.

Living Room:
Once the Kitchen is tiled, we just have an ENORMOUS room to lay down some wood. 

Foyer:  This is the looking at the front door.

Rockie Dog is Soooooo Cute!  We will be 'Sporting Wood' in here!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Lonestar Beer Cake 2

One of my friends tried making the famous LoneStar Beer cake and it came out GREAT!  So great, I thought I would share.  He was the hit of the office fo sho!  

Quite honestly, if you are a TEXAN, this is a must do...

  1. Baked a Standard 9X13 
  2. Applied chocolate icing to cake  
  3. Make your traditional buttercream icing
    1. Split to a couple of bowls so you can mix colors
    2. I used Yellow and Red 
  4. Create the Lonestar Beer Logo (copy picture from 12 pack cardboard)
    1. Note:  You can go to a beer store and take a picture with your cell phone.
  5. Create each of the puzzle gizmos accordingly
  6. Cut the Barbie Doll Legs and apply in the child birthing position
  7. Put a picture of your friend
  • Betty Crocker Cake

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rasta Cake

Rasta Cake

It was a quiet day at the tennis courts of Bentwood. She should have known something was up when her husband asked to play tennis with her. Nevertheless... the plan was made over a week ago. Hubby was to make a fruit bouquet, and I to make the cake.

I chose a Rasta cake for a couple of reasons.
  • The colors are just to damn pretty!
  • After a spectacular Halloween costume, I figured there was a theme!
  • Can 1 family eat a bushel of Jalapenos?

Rasta it was, and since it was an adult cake, you gotta have the dubbie!


  1. Baked a Standard 9X13
  2. Applied white creamy icing to cake
  3. Used butter-cream icing for colors
  4. Used chocolate frosting for facial features
  5. Free handed the face outline outline
  6. Filled in with Star Tip
  7. Border with Star/Shell Tip
  8. Lips, Eyebrows, and nose Layed on extra layers for 3-d facial
  9. Rasta hat using the 'native' colors
  10. Hair was done with Chocalate icing
  11. Funny thing about the hair, there are 2 Jalapenos in there :)


* Betty Crocker Cake


Sunday, July 4, 2010

House Questions

We are buying a house.  Our first project is to remodel the kitchen.  We want the open kitchen look as in many new houses, but we need the basic functionality...

Video 1:

Video 2:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bow Hunting Ken Barbie Cake

My My My, how the tables have turned!  It was my birthday on June 7.  One of our friends made me a cake that was really cool.  Most of you that have been following the blog, have seen that I went through a barbie doll phase.  Most of you who know me also know that I just recently started bow hunting.  What a great idea... Bow hunting, Barbie and cake!  Pictured in this cake is Ken, the most famous hunter of all time :) ....  When I am over 35, maybe I will stop playing with Barbie!
  1. Baked 2 Standard 9X13 cakes
  2. Applied white icing to cake and layer it
  3. Ask Husband to get some sticks from the yard
  4. Make bow/arrow and target
  5. Border with a star/shell tip
  6. Garnish with Ken!
  • Betty Crocker Cake