Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Updates on the House

Everyone has been asking about status on the house.  We are making GREAT progress, we are having fun, and we are still married!  You wouldn't believe it if I told you we have been working on this over 6 weeks.  Between working and working on the house... it has made for some long days.  With all the effort, we are finally putting stuff back together, and we can see progress, but it was slow moving there... Naturally, there will ALWAYS be stuff to do, but man it's easier to get stuff done before you live in it..

By Room:

  • Guest bathroom.
    • paint
    • tile
    • sink
    • hardware

  • Second master bedroom (his/hers .. that's mine ) 
    • paint
    • paint
    • more paint, this is a big room
    • taupe, brown? latte!

  • Master bedroom
  • Laundry Room

 Master Bath ( Just waiting on Toppers and Sinks )

 Some kind of blue color, because I am such an avid swimmer...

 New tile around the shower.. Super sick!

 New Tile on floor... Check out the diagonal pattern.. yea baby!  It's cleaned up now!

Major Milestones:
  • Ceilings scraped
  • ~50 wood window coverings painted
  • Mantle stained
  • Doors all painted
  • Hardware replaced

Kitchen Remodel:

This is the 'biggy'... Everyone that is helping is doing a GREAT job, and we are thoroughly pleased.  Our plan is to paint like crazy this week, and get ready for the Toppers next week.  After next week, we will be tiling.  Based on the last room we tiled, we are looking at a LONG weekend.  Then we are putting in appliances... and doing backsplash/ finish work.

Living Room:
Once the Kitchen is tiled, we just have an ENORMOUS room to lay down some wood. 

Foyer:  This is the looking at the front door.

Rockie Dog is Soooooo Cute!  We will be 'Sporting Wood' in here!