Monday, August 23, 2010

Lonestar Beer Cake 2

One of my friends tried making the famous LoneStar Beer cake and it came out GREAT!  So great, I thought I would share.  He was the hit of the office fo sho!  

Quite honestly, if you are a TEXAN, this is a must do...

  1. Baked a Standard 9X13 
  2. Applied chocolate icing to cake  
  3. Make your traditional buttercream icing
    1. Split to a couple of bowls so you can mix colors
    2. I used Yellow and Red 
  4. Create the Lonestar Beer Logo (copy picture from 12 pack cardboard)
    1. Note:  You can go to a beer store and take a picture with your cell phone.
  5. Create each of the puzzle gizmos accordingly
  6. Cut the Barbie Doll Legs and apply in the child birthing position
  7. Put a picture of your friend
  • Betty Crocker Cake