Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rasta Cake

Rasta Cake

It was a quiet day at the tennis courts of Bentwood. She should have known something was up when her husband asked to play tennis with her. Nevertheless... the plan was made over a week ago. Hubby was to make a fruit bouquet, and I to make the cake.

I chose a Rasta cake for a couple of reasons.
  • The colors are just to damn pretty!
  • After a spectacular Halloween costume, I figured there was a theme!
  • Can 1 family eat a bushel of Jalapenos?

Rasta it was, and since it was an adult cake, you gotta have the dubbie!


  1. Baked a Standard 9X13
  2. Applied white creamy icing to cake
  3. Used butter-cream icing for colors
  4. Used chocolate frosting for facial features
  5. Free handed the face outline outline
  6. Filled in with Star Tip
  7. Border with Star/Shell Tip
  8. Lips, Eyebrows, and nose Layed on extra layers for 3-d facial
  9. Rasta hat using the 'native' colors
  10. Hair was done with Chocalate icing
  11. Funny thing about the hair, there are 2 Jalapenos in there :)


* Betty Crocker Cake